Careers Education


Our commitment to preparing young people for life is reflected in our curriculum across every phase in the school.  We begin our structured Careers and Enterprise Programme in year 7, in line with national requirements.


  • To ensure learners and their parents & carers are informed and prepared to achieve aspirational next steps into adulthood and/or the world of work.

 Our core aims:

  • All learners, parents & carers and teachers have access to up to date careers information, advice and guidance.
  • All learners have access to an engaging, enriched, meaningful and developmental careers programme.
  • All learners transition to a variety of sustained positive destinations.
  • As they move through the programme, learners are prepared for transitions for their next stage of education, training or employment.

Quality Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) are a vital part of all learners’ entitlement and learning. We provide appropriate activities and experiences to enable our learners and their families to make well-informed decisions and successful transitions in life and work. We support learners to prepare for their preferred transitional pathway whether that is to continue with further education, employment, training or living independently. We have a person-centred approach to pupil outcomes through our EHCP Annual Review process, where we work with all stakeholders to shape clear and ambitious targets for pupils to prepare for their next steps.

Our Careers Lead is Jen Ferrett email, telephone 01752 207909.

Our Careers Advisor is Kate Cable who provides impartial Information, Advice and Guidance and works for the CSW Group.

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Parents & carers can find the latest Career & Enterprise Programme related information in our Home:School books, School Newsletter and on our school Facebook page.

Do you work in a business that could help provide work experience or opportunities for our learners?
We are always looking for local businesses that are wanting to inspire and educate our learners about the world of work and expand and develop our Careers Programme. If you think you could help to provide invaluable work experience or other opportunities, in the first instance, please contact Jen Ferrett.

The information published on this page will be reviewed every three years or as a result of any updates received.