We are fortunate to have a lovely school with good facilities, but we continue to strive to offer the very best we can for our learners. Cann Bridge School Fund (charity number 288503) seeks to provide specialist equipment and support for our learners who have severe learning difficulties and require additional opportunities to support their learning which cannot all be met from within the school budget.

Smaller projects include access to specialist music workshops, theatre visits and assistance with the cost of residential trip opportunities which fall outside of school-based provision, but enable our learners to face new challenges and promote independence.

We have a very supportive community at Cann Bridge. However, with large scale projects, it is too much for us to do by ourselves, we are committed to making the dream a reality.

Currently we have one large fundraising appeal that is very important to us, and which we feel would benefit all of our learners and their ongoing development.

The Library Appeal
Currently, our school’s library is confined to a very small cupboard, barely accommodating all our books. We aspire to enhance our library services, ensuring both learners and staff can readily access the wealth of books currently tucked away. Our goal is to transform an existing resource storage cupboard into a vibrant library space, providing learners with ample room to explore resources and offering a cosy space for reading or facilitating interventions such as emotional literacy and small group activities.

To bring this vision to life, we aim to build two smaller resource storage cupboards in underutilised corridor spaces within the school, enabling us to relocate items from the current space. This endeavour comes with a cost of £2586. Additionally, we seek funds to furnish the new library space, ensuring it is safe and welcoming for both learners and staff, along with carrying out basic redecoration works.

How much are we raising: £7500

The Trampoline Appeal
Regrettably, due to the project’s scale and land requirements, we are unable to proceed with its development. All grant funding received has been allocated to preliminary designs, surveys, and planning applications. Despite our efforts in various fundraising endeavours, the school has managed to accumulate £5100, these funds will be earmarked for trampoline-related expenses. These funds will be reserved to cover costs such as replacing parts of our existing trampolines, training, and acquiring trampoline related resources. We thank everyone who has contributed to this appeal.

Supporting Us
Your contribution makes a significant difference in helping us achieve our goals. Here are a few ways in which you can lend your support:

  • Financial Donations: Your monetary donations empower us to purchase and enhance essential items and opportunities for our school community.
  • Material Donations: Donating materials directly assists us in developing our spaces, ensuring conducive learning environment for our learners.
  • Join the Friends of Cann Bridge: Become a member of Friends of Cann Bridge and actively participate in raising vital funds and to help shape the future of our school.
  • Spread the Word: Share our cause with your friends, family, and colleagues. Every voice raised in support brings us closer to our objectives.

Donations can also be made through our Go Fund Me page:

For further information or to explore additional ways to contribute, feel free to contact our Family & Support Advisor,, who will be happy to chat with you.

Through generous support from Trusts and private donations, some of the opportunities we have previously been able to provide include:

  • Keep fit equipment for our play area to support a healthy lifestyle
  • Access to music opportunities and equipment to support musical development and sensory experiences
  • Installation of a specialist immersive room
  • Installation and developments of our specialist sensory rooms
  • Activity wall panels for learning outside
  • An outdoor classroom where learners can develop gardening skills and understanding of the natural world
  • Installation and subsequent repairs to our Warm Water Pool