We are fortunate to have a lovely school with good facilities, but we continue to strive to offer the very best we can for our young people. Cann Bridge School Fund (charity number 288503) seeks to provide specialist equipment and support for our pupils who have severe learning difficulties and require additional opportunities to support their learning- not all of these can be met from within the school budget.

Smaller projects include access to specialist music workshops, theatre visits and assistance with the cost of residential trip opportunities which fall outside of school based provision, but enable our young people to face new challenges and promote independence.

We have a very supportive community at Cann Bridge. However, while with large scale projects, it is too much for us to do by ourselves, we are committed to making the dream a reality. To this end, we currently have two larger fundraising appeals that are very important to us, and which we feel would benefit all of our students for their learning as well as their physical well-being.

The Trampoline Appeal

We currently run weekly sessions for some of our pupils on a raised trampoline in the school gym, led by our trained staff. We also take students by minibus to access a local sports centre on a weekly basis.

The sports centre has “in ground” trampolines and these sessions provide a safe learning environment for young people whose bouncing may be very exuberant, who may not be physically able, or who do not like to be raised off of the floor, allowing them to learn safely, with maximum freedom.

While we recognise the value of these sessions, we are aware that we simply do not have the capacity to give everyone access to this off-site provision, having an onsite unit would give all pupils access to these sessions.

We also wish to provide access to families during holiday periods and we anticipate that the trampoline facilities could be used in the evenings and at weekends, by local trampoline clubs therefore becoming a valuable asset to the local community.

We hope to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve the lives of children and young people with severe learning disabilities and their families in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Outdoor Learning Spaces Appeal

We are on a mission to continue to develop our outdoor learning spaces. At Cann Bridge we believe that learning takes place both indoors and out. We hope to make each of our outdoor classroom areas the best they can be.

Supporting Us

There are lots of ways you can help us to reach our goals:

  • Donate money to the school to support us to purchase and develop bigger items and opportunities.
  • Donate materials to support us to develop our spaces
  • Join the Friends of Cann Bridge
  • For further information, contact our fundraiser Nadine Eveleigh on who will be happy to chat with you


Through generous support from Trusts and private donations, some of the opportunities we have previously been able to provide include:

  • Keep Fit equipment for our play area to support a healthy life style.
  • Access to music opportunities and equipment to support musical development and sensory experiences.
  • An immersive classroom accessible to all students.
  • A re-equipped sensory room accessible to all students.
  • Activity wall panels for learning outside.
  • An outdoor classroom where students can develop gardening skills and understanding of the natural world.