14 to 19 Curriculum


At Cann Bridge School, our 14 to 19 Curriculum is designed to prepare learners for their future, focusing on independent living, employability skills, and personal development. Our curriculum spans Key Stages 4 (Year 9 to 11) and 5 (Year 12 & 13), aligning with the Preparation for Adulthood Agenda pathways to equip learners with the skills and knowledge essential for success in life.

In Key Stage 4, learners engage in a personalised curriculum that integrates core subjects with practical real-life experiences. Emphasis is placed on application of skills in Maths, English, PSHE, and PE. We offer qualifications in Independent Living, English, Maths, and Arts to support learners in making informed post-16 choices. Additionally, personal development opportunities such as the Ten Tors Jubilee Challenge nurture skills and enhance the overall learning experience, aiming to instil confidence and readiness for the future. Work-related learning includes experiences like Snack Box, We Cann Do Enterprise, Car Wash, and more, providing hands-on learning opportunities.

Moving to Key Stage 5 (known as Post Bridge College) (Post-16 offer), our focus shifts to further personalisation, ensuring learners are well-prepared for their next steps post-18. Here, learners engage with practical experiences and vocational training. Engagement with the community, work-related learning, and participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Award and residentials, foster valuable skills and experiences, preparing learners for the challenges of adulthood. Work-related learning opportunities in Key Stage 5 include Lunch Box, Community Work Experience, Colwell Lodge, Poole Farm, offering learners diverse experiences in different settings.

The aims of our 14 to19 Curriculum closely tie into our Pathways to Independence Curriculum, aiming to empower learners to succeed in life now and in the future. We provide a balanced curriculum that inspires a lifelong interest in learning, supports personal development, and ensures equal access for all learners. Our approach emphasises experiential learning, learner voice, community involvement, and the use of technology to enhance learning and prepare learners for the digital age.

The implementation of the curriculum is structured to monitor progress, aligning with EHCP outcomes through Personalised Learning Goals and accredited qualifications. Regular assessment, staff training, and ongoing professional development ensure the curriculum meets the evolving needs of learners. We work closely with parents, carers, and external professionals to support learners’ transitions out of school, facilitate informed decision-making, and integrate work-related learning to enhance practical skills acquisition. All learners and families have access to impartial careers information, advice and guidance provided by the CSW Group.

The impact of our 14 to19 Curriculum is evident in the successful transitions of our learners to post-16 or post-18 placements, equipped with the skills and knowledge to thrive in their chosen pathways. By prioritising independence, holistic well-being, practical learning experiences, and work-related learning opportunities, we aim to empower learners to make a positive contribution to society as they progress into adulthood.

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