Team Leader: Stephen Crawford
Brief information

The Communication, Language and Literacy curriculum team at Cann Bridge comprises of teachers from across the school, who all contribute to a regularly updated Action Plan. The Lead for the curriculum team is Stephen Crawford.

Subjects covered by the Communication, Language and literacy team are:

• English including Reading & Writing
• Phonics
• Total Communication

The team is responsible for the overview of the delivery of Makaton, PECS and augmented communication as part of a Total Communication approach across the school. They are responsible for policies and developments in their subject areas. They coordinate reading books and topic boxes to support the curriculum alongside the Library Service. Each year the Communication, Language and Literacy team coordinate World Book Day as a whole school event.


At Cann Bridge School we are committed to providing our learners with the best possible education. As part of this commitment, we have chosen Monster Phonics as our chosen Systematic Synthetic Phonics (SSP) program.

Monster Phonics is a fun and engaging program that teaches children to read using a systematic approach and uses colours to simplify some of the reading challenges present in the English language. The program is based on the latest research in literacy instruction and has been designed to help children develop their phonemic awareness, phonics skills, and reading fluency using a multisensory approach.

We believe that reading is a fundamental skill that is essential for success in life and a key developmental step towards independence. We want our learners to develop a strong foundation in reading, and we believe that Monster Phonics is the best program to help them achieve this.

We also recognise that many of our learners have differing needs, interests and learning styles and we are mindful that many of our learners will often spend longer on areas of learning than some of their peers. To support this, we are proud to also utilise Twinkl Phonics as an additional SSP as well as carefully selected and sequenced books from other schemes. We have worked to ensure these schemes of work and reading books complement Monster Phonics and follow the same progression.

By using Monster Phonics, along with our additional matched resources, we are confident that our learners will develop a love for reading and will be equipped with the skills they need to become confident and competent readers.