House Points

We Can Do House Points

At our school, we have implemented a house point system to foster a strong sense of community and friendly competition among our learners. Our system comprises four houses: Smeaton (red), Tamar (blue), Mayflower (yellow), and Argyle (green). Students from Key Stage 2 to 4 actively participate in this rewarding system.

To earn house points, learners have clear criteria to fulfill, ranging from simple acts of kindness to effective communication of wants and needs. These actions are recognised with varying point values: one point for a token, five points for a star, and ten points for a golden star.

The responsibility of awarding house tokens lies with any member of staff, while senior leaders are authorised to award colored stars. Moreover, our headteacher takes great pride in presenting the coveted golden star sometimes known as a ‘Shane Star’.

Once a learner receives their house points, they are encouraged to deposit them into collection tubes located in the reception area. This not only promotes transparency but also instills a sense of accomplishment in our learners.

Every Friday morning, we gather in assembly to announce the weekly totals for house points, celebrating the ongoing achievements of our learners. At the end of each term, the house with the highest score earns the privilege of selecting one of two exciting rewards: a mufti day where students can proudly wear their house colours or an enjoyable afternoon watching a movie with popcorn. However, we are mindful that the appropriateness of these rewards is currently being reviewed by our School Council, as they explore alternative options.

Senior leaders take immense pleasure in witnessing and sharing the successes of our learners. We are committed to continuously refining our engaging reward system to celebrate all achievements, big and small.