School Lunches

A healthy lifestyle is integral to our curriculum at Cann Bridge, and includes a focus on healthy eating. All curricular developments are led by the Health and Well Being team.

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Who we are

CATERed is a co-operative trading company, which is jointly owned by 67 local schools and Plymouth City Council.

We are passionate about providing the high quality, great tasting and appetising school food to children and young people across the city. Over 86 per cent of our menu is made from scratch every single day!

Why is Ed’s lunchtime menu truly awesome?

Because we use fresh, seasonal, local and organic ingredients – we believe every child and young person in Plymouth deserves the best!

We are proud of our achievements and we are recognised nationally as being amongst the best in the country.

We work with our suppliers to ensure that we treat animal welfare as a priority and because we source as much food as possible locally and from within the southwest we are working with and supporting local growers and producers. Using only free-range eggs, we hold the Good Egg Award.

We ensure that we are at the forefront of the school food industry and national developments to support our work with our schools and all our menus for primary and special schools meet all the Government requirements.

We understand that schools have their individual needs and we work with them to ensure that we deliver the best for the school and all of their learners!

How it runs at Cann Bridge;

The kitchen setup at Cann Bridge School is designed to efficiently cater to the needs of the learners while ensuring the preparation of fresh and quality meals. Josh, the Catering Manager, along with Stacey, the Assistant Catering Manager, and work together to create a seamless operation.

Josh and Stacey work together daily to ensure that the varying dietary requirements for all learners are catered for whilst providing an enriching dining and social experience in the restaurant. Stacey is the “face” of the kitchen each day and works tirelessly to prepare the meals from scratch and offer a varied and balanced approach to our CaterED menu.

Ask any learner who Stacey is and they would describe her as a welcoming smile who knows them by name and the key “dislikes and likes” when it comes to lunchtime.

At Cann Bridge, we are in a unique position that we can tailor the menu to meet our learner populations requirements more than a mainstream school. The kitchen team are always open to listening to feedback from learners, parents/carers and staff on how we can alter and improve our dining experience to ensure we are maximising that important lunchtime experience.