Jen Ferrett, Kate Panton, Michelle Hicks
Brief information

Teachers – Jen Ferrett, Kate Panton, Michelle Hicks
Support Staff: Tracy, Katie, Sharon, Marie, Hannah, Fiona, Annette, Melissa, Sarah, Sue/Kerry, Sarah, Laura, Mandy

The learners in Post Bridge College are accessing Phase 3 of our Pathway to Independence curriculum, the Proficiency Curriculum – Using My Learning. Further details can be found in our Pathway to Independence curriculum document.

At this phase the curriculum is designed to support learners to use the skills and knowledge they have gained in order to develop their life skills in the wider environment and further increase their independence.

The information gathered during this phase is vital in supporting the learners in the next stage of their life. The content delivery will be through functional skills development and a range of topics and modules; achievement is recognised through appropriate forms of internal and external assessment, including: ASDAN and the Arts Award and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The areas of learning are:
• Functional Skills
• Me and My Community
• Work Related Learning
• Health and Well Being