Emma Hookins
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Teacher – Emma Hookins
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In Key Stage 3, our learners stream phonics, maths, literacy and PE in the morning across our Key Stage. This helps ensure that our learners access the curriculum at their appropriate levels to build on and develop their skills and knowledge. Our learners will be taught by Emma, Chloe and James for the different subjects.

In the first half term of Autumn, our theme is How can I help others? We are learning about writing thank you letters in English, addition in maths, boccia in PE, as well as Charities in RE, Coastal Environments in geography, online safety in ICT, finding an identify in DT and in PHSE we are learning about our differences and respecting rules.

In the second half of the Autumn term, our theme is What was it like 100 years or so ago? In English we will be learning about Historical fiction, in maths patterns and sequencing, gymnastics performance in PE and RSE as well as, materials in science, Victorians in History, what's in a building in art and music for festivals in music.

Our engagement learners enjoy maths, English and phonics learning as well as sensory PE sessions. All of these sessions are linked with our subject specific pathways. They also access a variety of other engagement learning including sensology sessions, TACPAC, playworx, AA, individualised communication sessions and fine and gross motor sessions.