Adam Mumford
Brief information

Teacher – Adam Mumford

In 6 Cann, some of our students are following the subject specific path or the engagement path. All of our learners are focussing on the core subjects that are adapted to their individual needs. The students in 6 Cann are learning phase 1 or phase 2 phonics. During the academic year, we will focus on themes to enhance their learning and give purpose to what is being taught, this term, for example, we are focussing on bravery.
Each learner is given many opportunities to grow academically and socially. We use group stories as a way of engaging all of the learners. These stories allow learners to explore different areas and understand group work skills. A lot of our learning is done as a class to encourage social skills and the ability to work as a team. We aim to allow our learners to grow so that they are prepared for what ever the future holds for them.