Lee Fisher
Brief information

Teacher: Lee Fisher
Support Staff: Anne, Sally, Rivers, Lauren, Jade, Molly, Rachael

Welcome to 11Cann, where excitement meets essential life skills under the guidance of the class teacher, Lee. This year promises lots of thrilling opportunities, including mastering the art of playing the Ukulele, venturing into the world of business with our Bacon Bar venture, and launching innovative projects through our annual enterprise project.

In an exciting twist, we're gearing up to compete in the Tycoon enterprise competition, which is part of the Peter Jones Foundation. Our students will learn to use power tools, handling finances, engaging with the public, and the of running a successful business. Wish them luck!

But that's not all—our comprehensive curriculum lays the foundation for our Post Bridge College provision, equipping students with vital skills for adulthood. From mastering household chores like vacuuming, cleaning, and room maintenance, to the joys of cooking, our students are not just learning; they're preparing for independence. These hands-on experiences empower them to face the challenges of adulthood with confidence.